Keywords, SEO, and meta tags – Oh, my!

Are you a website owner wanting more keyword-targeted traffic, but are not sure where to get keyword research done and/or how to use the data mined from that research?

I’m Lorelle Smith, The Keywordsmith, an SEO/keyword consultant who will guide you every step of the way. If you’ve already paid someone to research keywords for you, that was the easy part. Now comes selecting the keyphrases most relevant to your website. Most people quite naturally gravitate toward the high-volume keywords — but that is a rookie’s mistake.

I don’t look solely at the traffic numbers, because a lot of other factors have to be taken into account.

After working with keyword databases for so many years, I’ve also developed an ear for predicting how people will phrase their search queries.

Your preferred keywords may not be the “right” keywords to use!

The #1 mistake business owners make on their website is using different words and phrases than their customers do. Naturally your vocabulary has evolved after years in the business. But using different keywords causes a disconnect between you and your customer… and it likely prevents your site from showing up in a search.

The #2 rookie mistake is repeating an exact-match keyword phrase several times in your online copy to make sure the search engines get it. Not only will this keep your site from appearing in the best search results, but it also alienates your visitors when they try to read about your products and services.

My goal is to get your site indexed in the search engines for the correct keywords that will bring your targeted visitors in droves — but I don’t stop there. I work hard to create a narrative that will guide your prospective customers along a nice, smooth path to conversion.

The heart of the matter is that your customer has a problem to solve, and your business provides that solution. To be thorough, I’ll first use my keyword and market research skills to identify ALL your customers’ potential problems. If possible, I’ll even talk to your past customers to gain insights. I learn to see your site through their eyes so I can remove any obstacles getting in their way. You are freed up to devote your time to building your business.

My job is to help you attract not just customers, but the right customers.

You are on your side of the equation, and your ideal customer is on the other side. My place is in the middle, bringing the two of you together.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, I offer a free SEO/keyword consultation to help uncover what’s lacking on your website. Maybe you don’t need SEO copywriting as much as you need the correct meta tags written for each page. (Rookie mistake #3 is thinking SEO is all about the keyword meta tag, which search engines NEVER use!) Or perhaps your industry or product is too competitive for organic SEO alone, in which case I can offer an expertly created Google AdWords keyword-based campaign where you pay by the click. (At least until your SEO gains traction.)

Call me at 1-317-LORELLE today (Pacific time zone, not Indiana) and let’s get your keyword questions answered!